We decided there was something noticeably missing from our documentary – the perspective of a female DJ.  Though there were only a handful of women active in rock radio in a major market during the 60’s and 70’s , we have found one who definitely qualifies.  Meg “Megless” Griffin did the free form thing at legendary New York City station WNEW during its glory years and she went on to spin tunes at WPIX, K-ROCK and now still plays what she wants on three different Sirius satellite radio channels.

She was hired as one of the first VJ’s on MTV but quit one week in because they wanted her to give up radio.  She has been honored by the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.  Her close friendship with Howard Stern has lasted almost 40 years since they both began their careers in White Plains, New York.  In short, we think she has some stories to tell and can’t wait to sit down with her in The Big Apple in early July.  Stay tuned!

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