Obligatory Frustrated Documentary Filmmaker Rant

The editor complains about not having enough visuals to work with.

The visual researcher is only working part-time.

There was a miscommunication with the music guys and they are behind schedule.

We’re on our second editor, by the way.

This photographer wants to charge $500 per photo, no bulk deals.  He has so many great photos, perfect for our film.

I can’t cut that segment but no one has any photos from the incident.

Being able to afford some of this archival footage is 100% contingent on actually selling the film.

How many times can I ask that guy to send me the fucking photo?!

65 of the photos we want to use are, at present, too low-res for the big screen.

The accountant just raised her rates.

I cannot be up until 2 am watching this edit.  I have a 3 year-old son who is up in 4 hours.

My post-production supervisor still hasn’t seen more than a few scenes.

This is privately financed.  They are asking for progress reports.

I desperately need to shoot more footage.  If I could just get an uninterrupted window to *plan* the shoot…let alone actually shoot!

I’m not 100% sure the Production Manager and I budgeted properly for music licensing and original music.

It’s the anniversary of my friend’s death from breast cancer.  She left behind a 4 year-old daughter.

All I’m doing is making a movie.  Everything is cool.

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