Our new project: The Clusterfucked podcast

So this page used to be the blog for our film I Am What I Play and if you scroll down below, you will see our previous posts detailing the making of and eventual release of this fine documentary about rock radio disc jockeys.

Now we have moved on to the wonderful word of podcasting and the subject of U.S. politics.  The premise of the podcast is liberals are too clustered in the big cities and not spread out enough across the U.S. to win more elections.  What can liberals do to change this?  The short answer is move!  And those who are already in red states can make more of an effort to persuade.

It’s called Clusterfucked: “A liberal host with red state guests.”   We did a movie trailer to further explain the concept.  Watch:

And join us at www.cfthepodcast.com for all the episodes and more info about the podcast!