The Mars Bar

We have been shooting our interviews with David Marsden at The King Edward Hotel in Toronto.  We had wanted to shoot in the hotel bar but there are clearance release issues with the hotel.  Plus, a waitress I know there tells me that a businessman reserves the table we had in mind every day between 12-7 pm.  Sometimes he is joined by others; sometimes he’s alone.  He drinks an average of 5-7 martinis a day while doing business.  His bills range from $200-$500 daily. We were tempted to stop work on I Am What I Play and immediately begin the documentary on the guy with the permanent table at The King Eddy!

We shot over 6 hours of interviews with Marsden and there are still stories I realize we didn’t get to yet.  We did cover a lot of ground though.  From his days as mouter-mouthed David Mickie at CKEY in Toronto – and the hosting of 2 TV shows to go with the radio work – to being a major part of the free form radio movement in Montreal at CKGM-FM (now CHOM-FM) and in Toronto at 70’s powerhouse CHUM-FM, the stories just flow, with playfulness and good humor.  The early days of FM radio, the FLQ crisis and John & Yoko’s bed-in in Montreal, the gay club scene in 1960’s Toronto, and of course the creation of CFNY and the alternative rock format for which Marsden is best known.  These are only some of the topics covered during our lengthy sit-downs together.

And the best part is – Marsden is STILL doing the free-form thing, on 94.9 The Rock, Saturday and Sunday nights – and at

You will love David Marsden on camera!  He is truly full of life.

Director Roger King with David Marsden on location at The King Edward Hotel, Toronto.  In background, sound man extraordinaire, Kevin MacKenzie.

David Marsden in The Marsden Theatre at 94.9 The Rock.  DOP David Cain climbs new heights to get the shot.

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