Lucas Said It All

We started shooting this film in the fall of 2011 and on the first day of 2014, I can happily report that except for about a day’s worth of edit tweaks, it’s ready for test screenings.  Those who have made a film before will chuckle at that “except for…” as the George Lucas quote is so applicable: “A film is never done, it’s just abandoned.” (This is actually a paraphrase of a Leonardo Da Vinci quote about art)

We’ll be doing some test screenings in mid-January and then I’m going to pound the pavement to get a movie deal.  Wish us luck.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here are a few pics from various shoot days:

Production Manager David Jermyn and his wife Becky Keigh in a re-creation scene of a 1950's couple on the verge of breaking up while Pat O'Day's radio show plays in the car.


Interview with Meg Griffin. New York City, July 2012.

View of the Charles River from the top of the Prudential Tower in Boston.

Inside The Marsden Theatre. David Marsden radio show, The Rock, 94.9.

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